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Looking for Groom

  • Age / Height 5'7
  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • Birth Date 01-01-1995
  • Birth Place/Time Not Specified
  • Profession Govt. - Finance Professional
  • Location Dubai
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Brief about me

I'm a Finance graduate working for over 5 years in the payments and banking industry. I'm currently working in Dubai as a Finance analyst in Visa. I'm looking for a partner who is well educated, confident and from a good family and with similar interests and nature as I do. My hobbies include cooking, running outdoors, swimming, and trying different cuisines. I have a big family and my nephews and my nieces mean the world to me. I love taking them around and playing board games with them.

I have 4 elder sisters of which 3 are married and they're all settle in the middle east. My dad used to work for Qatar Petroleum (retired now) and my mom is a home maker. They're both based in India.

If you like my profile, do reach out to me and let's take it further :)

Family Details:
Not Specified
Education Details:
$60,001 - 80,000
Government/Public Sector
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
cooking, running outdoors, swimming, & different cuisines
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