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Xi Jinping wants more control over private companies in China by increasing the impact of CCP

The Chinese Communist Party wants to completely control the private sector. The government has issued new guidelines for the private sector, as well as the role of the United Front, which has also been expanded. The United Front is one such department of the government, designed to increase the influence of the Communist Party.

President Xi Jinping wants the private sector to work according to his party, so he has been asked to set up party cells in private enterprises. Although China has been doing this for a long time, now the government wants to implement it more strictly.

The law to create party cells in the private sector was enacted in the year 2000 and by 2016 party cells had been established in 68 percent of China’s non-government enterprises. Even foreign companies could not escape the Chinese government. Seventy percent of foreign companies in China had formed the Communist Party Cell by 2016.