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Where will Nissan cut jobs in India?

Japanese automobile giant Nissan Motor Corporation’s announcement of plans to cut over 12,500 jobs globally has provoked intense speculation in the country on where the axe will fall in its Indian operations.

While in their announcement made on Thursday, Nissan has not listed the 14 sites or locations where it will cut the jobs, there are reports circulating that 1,700 jobs will be lost in India.

However, an official of Nissan Motor India Ltd told IANS that they are awaiting communication from their headquarters in Japan.

Meanwhile, Nissan and Renault have set up a joint venture (JV) car plant near here by the name of Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Ltd (RNAIPL). The 4.4-lakh-unit production capacity plant rolls out Nissan and Renault branded cars.

A union official at RNAIPL told IANS that there is no information about job cuts.

“Even at a recent town hall meeting, the management spoke about growth and increasing production,” the union source said preferring anonymity.
According to the office bearer, the car plant has about 3,700 workers and about 1,700 contract workers.

The plant is said to have recently bagged an export order of 40,000 units. It rolls out about 900 cars – Nissan and Renault, both included.

“This is a joint venture plant. So, the concurrence of the other partner is needed to effect any job cuts,” the union official said.

Similarly, the Renault-Nissan JV has also set up a technology centre near here with about 10,000 employees.

Nissan Motor is setting up a technology centre in Kerala for which it has hired about 500 people.