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We are nowhere near herd immunity: Harsh Vardhan

As the Covid-19 caseload in India breached the six-million mark on Sunday night, the government said the country was way off the herd immunity and masks, physical distancing and maintenance of hygiene were sole protections available to people against the virus.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said the ICMR’s sero surveys that traces the Covid spread across India should not create a sense of complacency and asked the people to wear masks even in places of worship.

“The first serosurvey in May 2020 revealed that the nationwide prevalence of the infection was only 0.73 percent. The second sero survey indications are that we are far from having achieved any kind of herd immunity which necessitates that all of us should continue to take appropriate precautions. Low prevalence of infection means a large population remains vulnerable to the virus,” Vardhan said.

In his social media interaction with people, Vardhan warned against over-dependence on Remdesivir and plasma therapy, saying these are only investigational therapies with no proven benefits. He added that after evidence of Covid impacting other organs apart from lungs, especially heart and kidneys, the ministry had formed committees of experts to examine these areas.

“The ICMR is investigating re-infection cases. Although such instances are negligible at this moment,” he said.