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Virat takes no prisoners on the field: R Sridhar

Indian fielding has undergone a transformation over the last decade, off the field with regard to its significance and on it for execution. R Sridhar, Team India’s fielding coach since 2014, talks to Rutvick Mehta about factors behind this change, why fielding will be crucial in this World Cup and what makes Virat Kohli lead from the front when it comes to showing intensity on the field. Excerpts from a freewheeling chat. It will be as important as any primary skill. We saw 340s and 370s being chased down in the England-Pakistan series. If that is any indication to go by, then every run you save on the field, every catch you make or every momentum you change through a fielding effort is going to be vital for all teams.

Secondly, we stand at a slight advantage because we were in England for about 90 days last year, playing a lot of white ball and red ball cricket. The drills and methods that we employed in England benefitted us. If you see the Lord’s ODI, we fielded brilliantly, and then in the Test series, in my opinion, we out-fielded England throughout the series.