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Vidyut Jammwal gears up for Khuda Haafiz

Vidyut Jammwal plays a common man pulling out all the stops — and breaking a few bones along the way — to rescue his wife (played by Shivaleeka Oberoi) from a human trafficking racket in Khuda Haafiz, streaming on Disney+Hotstar from August 14. We chatted with Vidyut on the film and why he shouldn’t be messed with!

Samir will kill or die for love, and I would do the same. There are many dissimilarities too. It was difficult for me to play him because I had to completely unlearn everything I had trained for all these years. Samir couldn’t fight like that. He’s an engineer, has never got into a brawl. The only time he has to fight is when he has no other option left. So for me to journey from a trained martial artiste to a completely untrained fighter was quite difficult. There were times when the director had to say, ‘Vidyut! Vidyut! Vidyut! You don’t know how to fight!’ (Laughs) And I was like, ‘Dude, I forgot!’ It was like trying to teach someone to balance, but through the method of complete unbalance. I know the Drunken Master style of fighting, prevalent in India and China, where if you fight with a drunkard, it’s almost impossible to bring him down because you can’t connect with his movements. That kind of training helped me in Khuda Haafiz. Though it was completely out of my zone, I really enjoyed it.

It’s about our natural instincts as human beings. I once read an article about a mother driving a car with her kid and it toppled. The mother actually picked up and turned the trawler around. Those are the emotions I experienced on this.