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US to give 80 million anti-covid vaccines to India

Washington: India will receive 80 million anti-covid-19 vaccines under the United Nations-backed CoVAX Global Vaccine Joint Program. This information was given by a senior official of the US State Department.

US President Joe Biden announced on June 2 that his country would distribute about 19 million of the 25 million anti-Covid-19 vaccines in its stockpile to South and Southeast Asian countries through the Covex program. The move is part of his administration’s goal of distributing 80 million vaccines worldwide by the end of June. According to the White House, about 19 million vaccines will be distributed through Covex.

“I don’t know exactly when the vaccines will arrive in India,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday.

Apparently, India will get 80 million vaccines and as far as I know, about 60 lakh vaccines have been given to the region. We know that this epidemic has had a huge impact on India and we have helped with these vaccines. Vaccine sharing has helped even before this announcement. We in India have shown a commitment to work closely with our partners to help deal with this epidemic.

”In response to a question, he said the Biden administration was committed to helping the Government and people of India deal with this epidemic. Is committed to its commitment to help.