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US must back nuclear deal if it wants talks, says Iran

The US must observe a landmark nuclear deal and halt “economic terrorism” if it wants to hold talks, Iran’s foreign minister said on Thursday. Both nations have been locked in a bitter standoff since last year when US President Donald Trump unilaterally pulled out of the 2015 deal that gave Iran relief from sanctions in return for curbs on its atomic programme.

European Union’s diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini, too, said the bloc would support talks between the United States and Iran, but only if the current nuclear deal with Tehran is preserved.

Trump on Monday said he was ready to meet Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani within weeks, in a potential breakthrough reached during a G7 summit in France. But Rouhani has said Washington must first lift sanctions imposed since its withdrawal from the nuclear deal.
“The United States is engaged in economic war against the Iranian people, and it won’t be possible for us to engage with the United States unless they stop imposing a war, engaging in economic terrorism against the Iranian people,” he told reporters during a visit to Malaysia. “We spoke to the United States and reached an agreement. They need to implement the agreement before they expect to have more talks,” he added, referring to the nuclear deal.

“If (the US) wants to come back to the room there is a ticket that they need to purchase, and that ticket is to observe the agreement,” he added.