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UK: Drug smuggler living royal life could go to jail for long

Glasgow / Manchester – A man living a life of royal luxury in Manchester is facing a jail term in a drug case. Aram Shibani, 40, has been found guilty of being involved in cocaine trafficking as well as several other criminal activities. Shibani, who hails from Manchester, owns 5 million worth of property, including a 7 1.74 million apartment in Kensington, London. According to Manchester Crown Court, police have recovered more than ਮਿਲੀ 1 million in cash from him.

According to documents, Shibani has traveled the world and has invested heavily in cosmetic surgery in addition to owning various expensive cars such as Bentley and Porsche. Although he has claimed that his wealth came from legitimate sources, according to lawyers, he has made money by committing crimes. He made fake bank statements and other documents to prove his false declared earnings. In addition, he has failed to pay taxes.

Acting on a tip-off, authorities raided Bowden’s luxury apartment and recovered some equipment used by high-profile criminals. Police also found a picture of pure cocaine in a camera and information from their phones indicated that he was involved in smuggling. The man admitted to taking drugs but refused to be a drug dealer but the jury rejected all his arguments. Shibani will be sentenced on Thursday in the case, in which he could go to jail for a long time.