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UK Closes NRI Rishikesh Kardile’s Extradition Case

The United Kingdom has declined India’s request to extradite Rishikesh Kardile, who is wanted in connection with a matrimonial dispute.

He was arrested in Barcelona during a visit in February and now faces an extradition trial in Spanish courts.

Kardile is among several Indian and Indian origin people based in the UK who are the subject of extradition requests.

The Westminster Magistrates Court, which is the first court dealing with extradition cases, turned down to grant a warrant for him on the ground of insufficient evidence of extradition offense.

The Crown Prosecution Service, which acts on India’s behalf in UK courts, said: “Our file was closed at the beginning of April when the court refused to issue a warrant for Kardile’s extradition”.

However, Kardile, who is reported to be a London-based investment manager, is now facing extradition trial in Spain, where he went for a business conference in February. India has an extradition treaty with Spain since 2002.

Kardile’s arrest in Spain was raised in the House of Commons by his constituency MP, Stephen Timms (Labour), who wanted foreign office minister Alan Duncan to ask New Delhi to lift its extradition request to Spain so that he could return to London.

Duncan, who is minister for Europe, responded: “(Kardile) has now been released from prison. He is required to remain in Spain because he is the subject of an Indian extradition notice”.

He added: “It would be very difficult, and possibly inappropriate, for us to intervene, as this is a matter for the Spanish courts, but we are extending to Mr Kardile and his family the fullest consular support possible”.

According to reports from Mumbai, Kardile married Dipti in 2011, but the couple parted ways in 2014 and divorced. He then returned to London with their son, while his ex-wife petitioned Indian courts for the son’s custody.