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Two other Canadian leaders of Indian descent have joined the cabinet of the province of Ontario

Toronto : Two more Canadian leaders of Indian descent have found a place in the cabinet of the Canadian province of Ontario, bringing the community’s membership on the executive council to three.

Ontario Premier Doug Forg reshuffled his cabinet on Friday. The former finance minister, who resigned due to a holiday in the Caribbean during the Covid-19 epidemic, is returning as long-term caretaker minister.

The state is scheduled to hold elections in June next year and the cabinet reshuffle took place exactly a year before. – Prabmeet Sarkaria (PrabSarkaria)

The previous cabinet consisted of Indo-Canadian Minister Prabhmeet Sarkaria, 30, who was the Assistant Minister for Small Business and Red Hat Reduction Affairs. He has now been promoted to chairman of the treasury board.

He is the first turbaned Sikh cabinet minister in Ontario. Apart from them, Param Gill and Nina Tangri have got seats in the cabinet. Gill has been given charge of the Department of Citizenship and Multiculturalism, while Nina has been made Assistant Minister of Small Business and Red Hat Reduction.

Excited to be sworn in as the Associate Minister of Small Business & Red Tape Reduction. Thank you to Premier @fordnation for his confidence in me and to my family and staff for their continuous support. #onpoli – Nina Tangri (ninatangri)