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Two Eurofighter jets collide with each other, missing a pilot

Air Force spokesman said – Seeking a pilot.

Eyewitness said – I saw someone flying out of an aircraft.

Munich Two Eurofighter Plains collided in the remote area of ​​North Germany on Monday. In the pictures obtained from the scene, the skies appeared in the sky in the McLenberg-Vorpommern area. The number of injured in the incident has not been detected so far. An Air Force Squadron spokesman said that both the pilots had pressed the button to exit the seat. However, only one pilot has been found alive so far. The quest for the second continues.

The event occurred at 2 o’clock in time (Great Britain). Witnesses said that the loud voice was heard during the incident. One said that the wings were removed from the main part of the ship. The second said that he saw someone coming out with an aircraft from an aircraft.