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Trump planting seeds of doubt in legitimacy of election: Joe Biden

US President Donald Trump has begun planting seeds of doubt in the legitimacy of the November 3 elections as he is aware of his defeat, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has said, a day after the chaotic presidential debate.

“In terms of election legitimacy, he made it clear that he didn’t think this was going to be—if he lost, it wouldn’t be a legitimate election. Already began to plant seeds of doubt in the legitimacy of this election. I don’t know any president that’s ever done that before,” Biden told reporters in Ohio.

During the first of the three presidential debates in Cleveland, Ohio, on Tuesday night moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, 74-year-old Trump and his 77-year-old rival Biden traded barbs about each other’s families, making it one of the most chaotic White House debates in years.

Biden slammed Trump for not condemning the white supremacist.

“His dog whistles to white supremacy, when asked whether would he condemn white supremacy, he said—he didn’t say a word. And then when I said, well, how about the Proud Boys, which is a white supremacist group? He said, well, I just told them to stand down and stand ready. Stand down and stand ready, based on the outcome of the election?” Biden said.

He said the Tuesday night debate was a wake-up call for all the Americans.

“What I tried to do last night, I tried to speak directly into the camera to the American people, to talk about their concerns, to talk about what’s on their mind, to talk about what I would do were I president,” he said.

Biden alleged that Trump has no plans, no ideas, and didn’t express a single plan that he had about how he was going to move forward.

“It made me realise just how much is at stake. You know, for 90 minutes he tried everything to distract, everything possible, and it just didn’t work. But I hope this next debate is going to be in front of real-life people. It’s going to be a town hall,” he said.

The second debate is scheduled for October 15 in Miami, Florida.

“I’m looking forward to it, and I hope we’re able to get a chance to actually answer the questions that are asked by the persons in the room. But God only knows what he’ll do,” Biden said.