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Three Chinese motorists stray into Sikkim, rescued by Army

Amid the ongoing tensions with China, the Indian Army has come to the rescue of three Chinese nationals who lost their way while traveling in a car in the higher reaches of the Tibetan plateau and accidentally reached the northern Sikkim plateau.

The Tibetan plateau and northern Sikkim plateau, located at an altitude of 17,500 feet, are contiguous with ample gaps in the mountains. An Army post noticed the vehicle and asked the occupants to reveal their IDs. The three, including a woman, possibly took a wrong turn in the barren landscape and reached the northern Sikkim plateau. The incident happened on September 3.

As there was danger to their lives, given the freezing temperatures, the Army unit provided them with medical assistance, including oxygen, food and warm clothing. They were given appropriate guidance to reach their destination. A soldier even checked the oil, fuel pump and other parameters of the car. “The Chinese citizens expressed their gratitude to India and the Indian Army for their prompt assistance,” an Army spokesperson said.