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The first Dinosaur Park in the country is ready in 128 acres, 36 years ago found fossils

Remains of dinosaurs were found in Rayoli village, 11 km away from Balasinor in 1983.

Paleontologist believes that there are seven species of Dinosaurs living here.

The world’s third largest in Balasinor and the country’s first Dinosaur and Fossil Park will soon be opened to the general public. State Tourism Minister Jawahar Chawda visited the park recently. The tourism department of Gujarat has built this park in 128 acres. 36 years ago the dinosaur fossils were found here.

It will be the first modern museum to show the history of the dinosaur’s 6.5 million years. Here dinosaur’s lifestyle, food and all information related to his life will be provided.

There were 7 species of dinosaurs here

Rayoli village, 11 kilometers from Balasinor, has been the center of research for years from the Paleontologist (Dinosaur specialist). Paleontologist believes that there are seven species of Dinosaurs living here. Remains of 10 thousand eggs of dinosaurs were found here.
It is the safest place in the world, where the remains of such a large number of eggs were found. It is also considered the third largest fossil site of dinosaur in the world. In 2003 some new species were also found during excavation. Here also the bones of the Narmada river are found. The bones, spinal cord, waist, leg and tail bones were main in those skeletons found in 2003.
There will be many facilities including 5d theater, 3D movie in the park

The museum’s time machine will show the remains of different dinosaurs in the world and Gujarat. Apart from this, there will be 5D theaters and 3D movies. Dinosaur display, Sculpture of King Cyrus Dinosaur, Digital display of Evolution of Earth, Wall Art etc. are the main ones.