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The EU chief said the trump is behaving like the enemies

Sophia: The top EU official has said that the US President Donald Trump said while blasting on Trump, Trump is behaving like a friend but not a friend. EU President Donald Tusk told a European Union leaders in a meeting in Bulgaria yesterday to make a ‘joint European front’ against the withdrawal of trumpets with Iran and the imposition of trade related charges on Europe by the US. .

Tusk compared the US administration to Europe’s traditional anti-Russia and China. Task told reporters, “Anyone who thinks of President Trump’s recent decisions will think that if there are friends like Trump then who needs enemies? Ministers of Europe met with a top Iranian official in Brussels on Tuesday. After the withdrawal of the US from the nuclear deal with Iran, it was met with the aim of saving this agreement. Tusk requested further solidarity in EU divided to meet the growing challenges. Tusk said apart from political challenges like the rise of China and the aggressive attitude of Russia, we are seeing new developments in which the US administration is strained on taking arbitrary and unilateral decisions.