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The CM of Sindh blamed Imran for talking about the fund

Islamabad: Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has blamed Prime Minister Imran Khan for delays in development plans in Pakistan’s Sindh province. Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said that asking for funds from Imran Khan for development projects or writing to him was like talking to a deaf person.

In a meeting with the National Economic Committee this week, Murad Ali Shah said he was concerned about Sindh’s development plans. It is being delayed due to lack of funds, which is a matter of concern. He has blamed Prime Minister Imran Khan for it. “We have asked the Prime Minister to give us money for development and we promise that we will show development in a year but so far he has not done so,” said Murad Ali Shah.

Murad Ali Shah said that the finance department has released the required funds for the development works in the areas of Punjab, out of which 10 were for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 29 for Balochistan and only 2 for Sindh. This state gives 70 per cent revenue to the country but it was ignored. Shah said the National Highway Authority had given only Rs 7 billion for development in Sindh. The Chief Minister wrote a letter to Imran Khan in this regard and also complained of neglect of the citizens of Sindh.