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The Australian Government is considering keeping Indian travelers in detention camps

Melbourne: Most countries have banned international travel to prevent the spread of the global corona epidemic. Other countries are concerned about the devastating effects of the second wave of corona outbreaks in India. Under this, the Australian government is preparing to detain people from India in a detention camp.

The Morrison government of Australia fears that the contagious strain of the corona could enter their country through people coming from India. The government also imposed a seven-day lockout in Melbourne due to the recent escalation of corona cases. Earlier, the Australian government had banned all people coming from India. The ban was later relaxed but people coming here are being quarantined.

The decision of the Australian Government

Russia’s Sputnik news agency quoted an official spokesman for the Australian state of Western Australia as saying that Australia was considering keeping detainees returning from India in a detention center on Christmas Island. She said her state government was considering a number of other bills, including the Commonwealth Detention Facility and the Rotten Island Detention Facility. Other locations suggested include Livermath and Buselton Airport, Australian Air Force Base Pierce.

This detention center is infamous

The Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Center (Christmas Island IRPC) was built by the Australian Government. The detention center has been used to house illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. Concerned about the atrocities being perpetrated on illegal immigrants living here, the Australian government closed the detention center permanently in 2018. At the center, Australian guards forced people to live in inhumane conditions.