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Sushant Rajput’s fans call for boycott of Ranveer Singh’s new Bingo ad; brand issues clarification

Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans are irked by the new advertisement featuring actor Ranveer Singh.

Calling it ‘derogatory’, the advertisement, which is for a fried snack brand, shows Ranveer dealing with nosy elders by spewing complex physics terms in gibberish sentences.

Sushant’s fans felt, that they were “mocking” their idol.

The clip shows Ranveer meeting inquisitive elders at a gathering, who question him, “Beta, aage ka kya plan hai (what is your plan for the future)?”

Sick of these questions, Ranveer comes up with a plan to an end to the questions.

“Paradoxical photons of atrangi algorithm ko E = mc2 mein laga kar interstellar Mitra Mandal conference ke aliens ki feelings match karne ka plan hai,” he replies, leaving them in stunned silence.

Uploaded on November 13, the brand disabled the comments and “like-dislike” button on YouTube following the massive backlash on the microblogging website.