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Students in HK to boycott new term

Hong Kong student leaders on Thursday announced a two-week boycott of lectures from the upcoming start of term, as they seek to keep protesters on the streets and pressure on the government. The financial hub has been rocked by three months of unrest, with students making up a large number of the pro-democracy protesters taking to the streets almost daily.

Leaders said students will miss lectures between September 2 — the planned start of the new term — and September 13. They threatened further action if the government does not adequately respond to the protesters’ five demands, which include spiking a controversial extradition bill, universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into alleged police abuses during the protests.

“Two weeks should be enough for the government to really think through how to respond,” said Davin Wong, acting president of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union. “As the situation has gotten more intense, we believe the social situation will bring more students into the boycott.”

Trudeau’s comments infuriate China

Beijing: China has accused Ottawa of worsening bilateral relations after Canadian PM Justin Trudeau vowed to stand up to China amid disputes. Both have been locked in a feud since Canada detained Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou and — in apparent retaliation — China detained two Canadians over espionage-linked accusations.

US arms sale to Taiwan alarms Beijing

Beijing: Col Chen Rongdi, chief of the Institute of War Studies at the Academy of Military Sciences, on Thursday said the country “would not sit idly by” if the US proceeded with a sale of advanced F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan, and warned of other potential countermeasures in addition to punishing foreign firms involved in the deal.