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South Africa and the UAE The extradition treaty between the Gupta brothers will be prosecuted

Johannesburg: An extradition treaty has been signed between South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. This has paved the way for Indian-origin Gupta businessmen to be brought to Africa, where they will face trial. The Gupta brothers are accused of embezzling billions of rand (African currency) from government institutions. Former South African Justice Minister Michael Masutha signed the treaty in 2018, although the United Arab Emirates signed the treaty on Tuesday. His embassy in Pretoria said in a statement.

The statement said, without mentioning the Gupta brothers, “these treaties will enable the two countries to assist each other in the investigation and prosecution of criminals through mutual legal cooperation and extradition of fugitives.” But in the last three years, the UAE The agreement could not be reached with the issues raised by the party. This prompted South Africa to turn to the United Nations and Interpol for help in prosecuting the Gupta brothers.

Atul, Rajesh and his elder brother Ajay Gupta are accused of embezzling billions of rupees from government agencies through close ties with former President Jacob Zuma. Zuma is also facing criminal charges. Demonstrations are planned outside the embassy on Friday. Nishan Balton, executive director of the foundation, said: “We welcome the formal ratification of the extradition treaty. We urge the authorities to take swift action to send these criminals back to South Africa so that all citizens here can be punished for looting the hard-earned money of taxpayers. “