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Slamming China, G4 call for UNSC reforms; reiterate backing for Africa at the high table

Slamming China, the G4 countries–India, Germany, Japan, and Brazil have called out countries who are dragging their feet on United Nations Security Council (UNSC) reforms and reiterated backing for Africa at the high table. The letter was sent by India’s deputy permanent representative to UN, Ambassador Nagaraj Naidu to President of the United Nations General assembly (UNGA) Tijjani Muhammad-Bande.

Without taking the name of China, the joint letter by G4 countries said, “after more than a decade towards text-based negotiations, the inter govt negotiations process has become a convenient smokescreen to hide behind for those who do not wish to see any reforms in the security council”

Explaining, “there is a need to ensure that the inter-governmental negotiations (IGN) process is not held hostage, procedurally and substantially, by those who do not wish to bring about reforms in the security council” and warning, if this happens then, “those who demand reform will be forced to look for other ways to finally make progress, including potentially outside the” IGN process.

China along with other UNSC members who are opposed to Japanese, German membership as part of UNSC solidarity has been stonewalling talks on expansion of membership.

Intergovernmental Negotiations framework is a group within the United Nations that is looking into UNSC reforms but it has made no progress since 2009 when it was formed. The group’s conversation is considered “informal” in nature and thus UNGA rule of procedure done apply.