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Security personnel being tested for COVID-19 ahead of Independence Day function at Red Fort

Ahead of Independence Day function at the Red Fort in Delhi, authorities are taking all precautions to avoid transmission of coronavirus. Last month, security personnel and other staff who are part of the function was asked to go under quarantine till August 15 and now COVID-19 test is being conducted on all of them.

During the flag hoisting ceremony at the ramparts of the airport, the person who will be most close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a female military officer. She will handle the rope of the flag before handing over to the Prime Minister for hoisting.

To avoid any transmission of coronavirus through the rope, the female officer has been tested for COVID-19. As part of the arrangement, only 110 VVIP guests will sit at the ramparts of the Red Fort in view of the social distancing guidelines.

All security personnel are being tested for COVID-19 by the Ministery of Defence ahead of the August 15 celebrations.

The decision has been taken as a security measure to protect Prime Minister Modi and other VVIP dignitaries who will take part in the event at the historic Red Fort. Among those who have been quarantined are officials and staff of Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Delhi Police. Driver, operators, cook, trainers and other staff have also been quarantined ahead of the annual event.

Prime Minister Modi will give his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of Red Fort. However, his usual stroll after the speech to meet visitors is likely to be curtailed this year.