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Saudi Arabia sacked Canadian ambassador, recalled its own ambassador back

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia today announced its decision to dismiss Canadian ambassador and bring back its ambassador by accusing him of “interference” in his internal affairs, it has also banned business relations with Canada. Saudi Arabia has given Canadian Ambassador 24 hours to leave the country. This step shows the aggressive foreign policy of Shahzade Mohammed bin Salman.

Significantly, the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh had demanded release of closed human rights activists in jail after which Saudi Arabia took this step. The Saudi Foreign Ministry tweeted, “Canada’s stand is open and tremendous interference in the internal affairs of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry said that Saudi Arabia declares that he is calling back its ambassador to Canada for consultation.

We believe that there is no need for Canadian ambassador in the country and they have been ordered to go within the next 24 hours. “The Ministry also said that keeping all the rights to further action, all new business and alliance with Canada Neutralized transactions are banned. Canada had said last week that it is “very worried” about the arrests of women and human rights activists in the country.