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Samsung’s UV sterilizer disinfects smartphones, comes with wireless charging

In today’s world, personal hygiene has become more important than ever, and to help combat the spread of bacteria and germs, Samsung has launched a new UV sterilizer which can be used to quickly disinfect your Galaxy smartphone, Galaxy Buds or Galaxy smartwatch in just 10 minutes.

The key highlight of this sterilizer is that it comes with a 10W wireless charger. Samsung claims that the charging continues even after the sanitization is done so that the device is disinfected and fully charged.

The UV sterilizer kills up to 99% of the bacteria and germs, and has been designed to fit a variety of device sizes, claims the company.

Key features of the UV sterilizer
1. The sterilizer has a sleek and compact design and can be carried around easily.

2. The sterilizing box comes with dual UV lights that are able to sterilize both the top and bottom surface of items placed inside.

3. The device automatically switches off after 10 minutes, allowing users to sanitise their belongings.

4. Any device with Qi-compatible wireless charging can be charged.

“At Samsung, we are constantly working to develop meaningful innovations that help improve the lives of our consumers. The UV Sterilizer is a perfect and compact device to keep our personal daily belongings germ free, protected, and disinfected,” said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Mobile Business, Samsung India.

Samsung UV sterilizer price
The UV sterilizer has been priced at Rs 3,599 and will be available from early August 2020.