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Saif Ali Khan was on Instagram with this fake name

Saif Ali Khan is one actor who stays away from social media, and he had once gone on to confess he prefers it that way. However, the actor recently revealed that he was actually a part of Instagram. For the uninformed, Saif’s wife Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the most-loved Bollywood celebs on the photo-sharing platform.

When he was part of Neha Dhupia’s audio show ‘No Filter Neha’, Saif revealed that he was on Instagram through a fake name. Revealing that he was called ‘Shakun Kothari’, Saif said that he deleted the account because of the toxic remarks.

He said, “When I had my fake account, I called it Shakun Kothari. Just because I’m not on social media doesn’t mean I don’t know what it is, for God’s sake. I actually was on it (Instagram) and I deleted it because I was finding it, again, I was getting irritated by toxic remarks and it’s taking too much of time and it’s making me frown and I don’t want to get annoyed so literally, Ignorance is bliss. It’s like why would you want to listen to all that. My wife, on the other hand, I think she’s Miss Instagram, Mrs. Gram!”

peaking about why he isn’t on social media, Saif said, “I was never really on social media. I asked my wife once, I said what’s the big thing? She said, it’s nice to know what’s going on in the world, to see what people are doing. So, I did it but then I thought there was a bit of negativity and it was just upsetting me and I thought, why do I want to read this and why is it even important. It can become important in your life, what people are saying to you. I’m thinking back to when we were kids in school, a good teacher said, you shouldn’t really think what people think too much. Don’t try to impress people all the time, don’t be too concerned. It goes against what an actor stands for so often on social media.”

He also added, “So, I am really happy with how we’re doing, I’m hesitating to say, reasonably well paid and having a happy life, everything’s good. I mean, it really fills me with anger and negativity when I read some really random crap as a response, and that’s fair enough, I mean people ought to do what they want. But you know like, I wouldn’t have dinner with like a bunch of nuts off the street so why am I getting involved in my head with them also, is what my thinking is. Like these people, I don’t know who they are, you can’t see a face, you don’t know where they are coming from. All you know is that a lot of people out there think a lot of shit, so it makes you dislike people, actually. It makes you think God, what kind of environment do we live in. That’s not nice way to think. A nicer way to think is, oh, I’m reading my book, I’ve got my kid, I’m happy with my life and when I go out, I assume everything is lovely because I’m happy. That is, I think is a healthier way to operate than being aware of the kind of toxicity that is around, it doesn’t suit me. Some people are thicker skinned, they’re like, it doesn’t matter.”