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Rajeev Pratap Rudy says- ‘Lechi’ is not responsible behind brain fever, maybe China’s conspiracy.

More than 150 children have died due to brain haemorrhage in Bihar. A reason behind acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) illness is also known as lechi, while there are many other big reasons behind it. Meanwhile, BJP MP and former Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy from Saran said that it is not appropriate to justify litchi for the death of children. This has led to a significant reduction in export of litchi. He also expressed doubts about China’s conspiracy behind it in things.

He said that I love Lichi from childhood, you all will also like. We have started the Liechy from the beginning, but we never got sick from this. He said that India has 40 per cent share in the amount of lechi crop in the world. One of the major share of this is Bihar.

He said that export of lychee of thousands of crores of rupees is exported every year. If there is a lot of litchi after India, then it is China. Thousands of millions of lechias are kept on ports today. The export has stopped.

Rudi said that it is necessary to understand that children have died or have any other reason for eating leeches? There is no conspiracy anywhere. There is a need to bring the truth to the people that what is the cause of encephalitis? Is it because of China … I am not accusing. There is no conspiracy anywhere. It is important to know the truth so that the farmers do not suffer.