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Rajasthan’s Sanskrit University establishes language labs

Aiming to improve pronunciation, creation of new words and translation into Hindi, English and Sanskrit, Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit University has established language labs. The labs have been created in three languages.

As per the University administration, out of the 15 Sanskrit Universities in the country, Rajasthan’s Sanskrit University is the first to establish language labs in three languages. Dr. Anula Maurya, vice-chancellor of the university said that “we are aiming to create an environment to teach students of English, Hindi and Sanskrit with the correct pronunciation, creation of new words and translation through computer aided education.”

The language lab will also work on the history of words, finding the roots and interconnections in the words of all the three languages, said the university officials. The university officials said that after the successful initiation and working of the language labs in three languages, the University also plans to include language labs for foreign languages. The students of Shashtri, Acharya and Yoga courses of the university will take classes in the labs, however, non-university students may also enroll in the course, said officials.

Presently the administration is working on the creation of time table for the usage of these labs.