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Punjabi NRIs call convention on three farm laws in US on October 17

Punjabi NRIs have called a national convention in the US over the three farm laws on October 17 at GN Event centre in Virginia.

Representatives of all political parties, organizations and clubs have been asked to participate and put forward their views at the event.

The convention states its slogan as: “Na mein Akali, na mein Congress, te na mein AAP, mein hai Kisan”.

Mehtab Singh told The Tribune: “The office bearers of all political parties Congress, SAD (Badal), Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), SAD Democratic, Punjab Ekta Party would participate and move beyond the political lines. Various other organizations would participate in this convention and would present their views on these farm laws issue.”

He stated that NRIs would be made aware of the farmers’ support so that Punjabi NRIs and related organizations can participate in revocation of these bills.

Further, he said, “Various clubs, including Punjabi Club Maryland, Ek Punjabi, United Punjabi, Chardikala Sports Club, World United Guru Nanak Ek, Sikh Community Center Maryland, Young Professional Network and others, have announced they will participate in this convention”.

Moreover, he said the street meetings over this issue are already taking place in the US and would intensify the protests over the issue.

In the public meeting, Punjabi NRIs are claimed that they are from farming families. Many of them still have agricultural land in Punjab and a large number of their relatives are involved in agriculture, so they claim that this was the right time to stand with Punjabi farmers.

The Punjabi NRIs’ support for farmers against these three farm laws has been increasing day by day in all the countries as various protests have been held against Prime Minister Narendra Modi led NDA government in USA, UK, Canada, Italy, France and other countries as well.