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“Pitstop introduces:” post lockdown car care service package

Pitstop introduces a new ‘Car Revive pack’ for owners whose vehicles have been not in use for a long time, due to lockdowns in various parts of the country. Prices for the Car Revive pack start at Rs. 1,399.

Strict lockdown in certain parts of the country meant that vehicles were used sparingly. In some cases, people haven’t had the chance to use their cars for an extended period of time. This is why doorstep vehicle service company, Pitstop, has announced its new ‘Car Revive’ pack.

The pack includes various services that a car is likely to need after lying unused for a long time period. These include, jumpstart and battery check, interior germ cleaning, AC disinfection and sanitisation, tyre pressure check, exterior car wash and engine fluid inspection and top-up up to 100 ml.

Doorstep servicing is becoming a big thing. While the concept itself is not new, it is only in recent times that it has gained great popularity, particularly in the aftermath of the second wave of the pandemic.

Pitstop says that the solvents used to sanitise the car are 100% safe for children as well as pets. The company will give a complete inspection report on the current condition of your car, along with the quotation on parts/fluids required changed/repaired.

Pitstop says that the service will be carried out by trained professionals and the entire service is likely to take not more than two hours. Customers can book an appointment online or via the company’s app as well.

Mihir Mohan, Founder and CEO of Pitstop, revealed that the number of customers wanting their service done through an automated process and with high levels of safety and hygiene is increasing significantly. He further added that Pitstop plans to have over 2,500 garages in place by March 2023 with more than 500 service vans by March 2022.