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Philippines govt official caught having sex with secretary during Zoom meet, fired from job

After the coronavirus pandemic forced people to start working from home, certain individuals have started taking liberties at work. Everday news keeps flooding in of Zoom meetings gone awry.

This time, a government official in the Philippines was caught having sex with his secretary during a regular virtual session, according to media reports.

The footage is doing rounds on the internet. Captain Jesus Estil of the Fatima Dos village council in the province of Cavite was unaware that his camera was on as he engaged in intercourse.

The video shows that the person was having sex in the far corner of the room while the meeting was on.

The incident happened on August 26 while he was taking part in a regular council meeting. The funny thing is that Estil approached the device in an effort to turn the camera off.

Unfortunately, the camera was still on as he gave in to his carnal desire with the woman, while others participants continued with the council meeting.

Estil rejoined the call after completing his task at the far corner of the room. But, it was too late, a staff member recorded the scene and the video eventually became public, which led some villagers to file a petition to oust the official for the misconduct.

Following the incident, the country`s Department of Interior and Local Government appears to have made up its mind to fire Estil from his duty.

“This is not simple misconduct, but grave misconduct,” DILG Barangay Affairs Summons and Complains Chief Richard Geronimo was quoted as saying by The Sun.