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People who have been vaccinated on Sputnik-V will still have to wait to travel to the US and Europe.

International Desk: Russia has given both doses of the vaccine ‘Sputnik-V’ and ‘Covacin’ to Indians who are planning to go to European countries, so they will have to wait a little longer as the World Health Organization has approved these two vaccines. No place in Emergency Use Listing (EUS).

Must have a certificate of vaccination for visa – The world’s major countries H.O. Visas are only issued to vaccinators on the Emergency Use List. Vaccination certificates are required by all countries for visas. These include countries like Australia and New Zealand.

If a vaccine U.S. L. Is not on the list or has not been reviewed by any foreign country In such a case, the passenger will be considered non-vaccinated. In such a situation, many Indians who go abroad face many difficulties.

Students’ learning may be disrupted – There are a large number of students going abroad as the study abroad session starts in August-September. To stay in a hostel there.

They have to show a vaccination certificate and the only vaccine available in India now, Kovishield of the Serum Institute, has been included in the World Health Organization’s Emergency Use List. U.S. By. And Ireland has also recognized Kovishield. In countries where Kovishield is recognized, Indians will not have to be quarantined in a hotel.

Official foreign trips may also be affected – Speaking of covacin, it will get a place in the emergency use list only after the assessment of the World Health Organization.

Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine, which arrived in India, has not yet been included in the emergency use list due to lack of information requested by the World Health Organization. Significantly, almost all Union Ministry officials in Delhi have also been vaccinated, so private as well as official foreign trips may be affected.