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Pay 8 lakh penalty or face life ban: WFI to tell Reena after failed dope test

Suspended for flunking a dope test, wrestler Reena will be handed a life ban if she fails to share with Wrestling Federation of India half of the Rs 16 lakh penalty for the offence. For every doping offence by its wrestlers, the national federation is bound to pay Rs 16 lakh to the United World Wrestling (UWW), the sport’s governing body.

In yet another embarrassing doping episode for Indian wrestling, U-23 Asian Championship silver medallist Reena has been handed a provisional suspension for failing a dope test during the event in March. The WFI is now waiting for outcome of the final hearing, to be conducted by NADA here soon, and it has been learnt that the wrestler will be asked to pay Rs 8 lakh if she fails to come out clean.

The WFI last year paid Rs 32 lakh in penalties to UWW for two doping offences committed by Jatin and Manish. They have already been handed life bans for failing to share the penalty with WFI. “Why should the national federation pay the price for wrestler’s mistake all the time. We paid Rs 32 lakh penalty to UWW last year and in all likely-hood we will have to cough up another Rs 16 lakh. Reena will be asked to share the amount and if she fails to do that, she will also be banned for life,” said a WFI official, who did not wish to be named.