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Pakistan minister says its nuclear weapons will ‘save Muslims and only target regions’ in India

Threatening India with the prospect of a nuclear war yet again, Pakistan Minister Sheikh Rashid on Wednesday claimed that it will use nuclear weapons if it is attacked by India which will save Muslim lives and will only target regions.

The Federal Minister for Railways was speaking during an interview to a Pakistan-based Samaa TV on Wednesday and said that Pakistan has “small” and “perfect” weapons.

“If Pakistan gets attacked by India, there is no scope for a conventional war. This will be a bloody, final and nuclear war,” Rashid said.

This is not the first time that Pakistan has threatened India of nuclear war. The country has maintained that it has a first use policy on nuclear weapons as its small army will be no match against India’s powerful military in a conventional war.

“We have very calculated weapons which are small and perfect. Our weapons will save Muslim lives and will only target regions. Pakistan range now even includes Assam. Pakistan has no option in convention war, therefore India knows if something will happen it will be the end,” he added.

The minister predicted that there will be an upcoming block of countries like China, Russia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan should be a part of this grouping.

In 2019, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke about nuclear war with India as tensions reached an all-time high following the abrogation of Article 370.

“I want to tell (Narendra) Modi that our Army is ready for anything they do in Kashmir (PoK). The world should know that when two nuclear countries face-off, the whole world will be harmed. I tell this to everyone I speak with,” Khan had said in August 2019.

Later in September 2019, Sheikh Rashid had claimed that his country possessed “125-250 gram atom bombs” that may hit a targeted area in India.