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Pak internal study finds religious journals raising Uighur plight in China

Religious journals in Pakistan are voicing discontentment over atrocities against Uighur Muslims by the Chinese government in the restive western province of Xinjiang, authorities in Pakistan have found.

Authorities in the south Asian nation conducted an internal assessment to gauge the public mood on the issue. The assessment was done to get a first-hand view on the issue which is now getting an increased global spotlight.

This is a significant development– since not much public concern has been raised on China’s Uighur Muslims in Pakistan, which can be largely controlled. But religious journals have taken note, and this could soon be a problem in conservative Pakistan.

The main objective of the Pakistani assessment was to manage the reaction and also control any overt activity that may cause embarrassment for both Pakistan and China on the Uighur issue.

The Pakistani government has been silent on the issue with PM Imran Khan shying away from any criticism against ‘all-weather’ ally China. Earlier this year, when asked about the situation of Uighur Muslims in China, Imran Khan said, “China has been a great friend, we talk about things privately, not publicly, as these are sensitive issues.”