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Oli says Modi seeks more help in dealing with Corona, removes ‘misunderstanding’ with India

Kathmandu – Nepal’s troubled Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli said the “misunderstanding” with India had been cleared up and sharing the love and problems of both neighbors, he suggested that the two countries should move forward looking to the future.

Oli admits that once there was a misunderstanding between the two neighbors, but now that misunderstanding is gone. “We have to build a positive relationship,” he said. Oli said Nepal has a special relationship with India, unlike any other country.

Prime Minister Oli said that the borders between Nepal and India were open and India should pay special attention to help Nepal in some places. Oli said that if the Kovid-19 epidemic was under control in India but not in Nepal, it would not make sense as it would eventually spread.

He thanked India for providing vaccines and other health care supplies for the first time but lamented that Nepal did not get the help it needed from India.

Petition filed against cabinet reshuffle in Nepal

The Prime Minister has filed a petition in the Supreme Court of Nepal. P. Sharma Oli’s cabinet reshuffle has been demanded to be scrapped and it has been argued that as the caretaker Prime Minister he does not have the executive powers to reshuffle or include new ministers in the cabinet.

In a petition filed by senior spokesperson Dinesh Tripathi, the apex court was asked to quash the order of the caretaker Prime Minister to include new ministers as it was against the spirit of the Constitution.