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Ola Expands Its Services in Australia

Indian transporting company Ola launched its services in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Australia as part of ongoing efforts to provide the community with a better ride-share experience.

Ola already has its presence in some parts of Australia and after receiving a large number of requests to introduce the services in other parts of the country too, it has been initiated in Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast was chosen due to the bustling tourism industry and the need for more choice in the local ride-share market.

Simon Smith, Managing Director of Ola Australia and New Zealand, said: “We have seen a tremendous response to our offerings across the country as customer demand has been on an upward trend. After seeing a large number of requests to introduce our services in other parts of the country, we’ve chosen the Sunshine Coast as Ola’s first launch in a non-metro city in Australia. We are now present across 8 cities in Australia and are the fastest-growing major ride-share player in the country.”

Ola is offering new customers discounted rides and is also inviting local drivers to join the platform to celebrate the launch. To provide commuters with the best ride-share experience, Ola has also enabled Queenslanders to save over five million dollars in fares and travel more than 7.5 million kilometers across the South East.

The platform will go on its rollout across the market and work with local authorities to offer enhanced transportation access to commuters. Exponential growth over the past few years has seen the company enabling smart transportation to hundreds of millions of users through its network of over 1.5 million drivers across more than 250 cities in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and India.