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Now, Kamala Harris is a step closer to becoming future POTUS

The full import of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris is not that she is the first American of half Indian parentage to be on a major party’s vice-presidential ticket in the United States. It is that this California politician of partial Indian descent may be US President in the not-too-distant future.

Whether she will potentially be the 46th or the 47th President, we will know in less than 90 days. Biden is talking of leaving the White House even before he has occupied it. At the end of last year, the 77-year-old former Vice President indicated to close aides that will only serve one term if he defeats Donald Trump on November 3.

In order to assuage concerns that he will be the oldest US President in history if elected, Biden has already referred to himself as a “transition President,” a bridge to someone younger as his successor. His choice of 55-year-old Harris means that in all likelihood, this bridge has led to her primacy as presidential candidate four years from now.

With a debate raging among Democrats whether Biden should formally pledge that he will only serve one term in the White House, the stakes on the choice of a running mate has seldom been higher than now.

Although George Herbert Walker Bush was the only sitting Vice President since 1836 to go from that office straight into the White House, Biden’s age and his many shortcomings – such as frequently putting his foot in his mouth, his chronic inconsistencies, his obviously poor reflexes – will mean Harris, if Vice President, will play a role larger than most of her predecessors in modern history.