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Nepal not cooperating on flood management: Nitish Kumar

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Monday complained to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Nepal was not cooperating on flood management.

“Bihar’s water resources department takes care of flood management along the border on the basis of the Indo-Nepal treaty. However, the Nepal government has not been extending full cooperation in the recent years, Nitish told Modi during a videoconference on floods at which the Prime Minister and six chief ministers were present.

“This year also the Nepal government did not extend cooperation in repairing the existing embankment in Madhepura district and another on no man’s land along the border close to Madhubani district,” he said.

“Our officials tried to talk to their Nepal counterparts and resolve the issue, but they did not cooperate. The repair works that should have been completed by mid-May was completed only by June-end and we have been able to strengthen embankments within our border limits. There is a need to pay attention to this situation,” Nitish said.