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Mansimrat Singh, another turbaned Sikh youth, joined the New Zealand Army

Auckland : It is a matter of pride for the Sikh community that another turbaned Sikh youth, Mansimrat Singh, has joined the New Zealand Army.

According to information shared by Louis Singh Khalsa, New Zealand’s first turban-wearing white Sikh youth, 18-year-old Mansimrat Singh is a new graduate of Regular Force 401 who has completed training at the Vayuru Military Camp. After which he will start serving in the army.

Giving more details in this regard, according to Manjit Singh Billa, Director, Auckland Co-op Taxi, the family belongs to village Baur (near Kheri Naudh Singh) in Fatehgarh Sahib district.

It may be mentioned that Louis Singh Khalsa, who belongs to the white community here, is also the one who honored the turban in the army. After going to the Punjab, he joined the army as Amritdhari Singh. 18-year-old Mansimrat Singh’s parents live in Buckland Beach. The ancestral village of this family is Baur, Tehsil Khamano, District Fatehgarh Sahib.

The family moved here in 1998. The young man began his studies at Mocklein College and then completed the rest of his studies at St. Kentigran Pakuranga, a prestigious college, with a scholarship. Mansimrat Singh was baptized at the age of five. He has played for Auckland in the Under-18s.

He was part of the Premier Hockey Team Howick-Pakuranga and the St. Kent’s Hockey Team. The youngster also plays Gatka well and was part of the New Zealand Gatka team that went to Canada, Australia and India.

Mansimrat also performs Gurbani Kirtan. After enlisting in the New Zealand Army, he will be assigned as a System Engineer, which will begin after completing his on-the-job technical education. He has excelled in military training and has won many other awards. Army officers came out especially to congratulate their parents during the passing parade.