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Man bed-ridden for life after selling kidney for iPhone

One common joke or meme after launch of every iPhone in developing countries is that “you will need to sell your kidney to buy Apple’s newest smartphone”. The statement is rooted in the belief that iPhones are so expensive that you will need to sell your organs to buy one. However, a new story shows how such a measure could lead to tragic turn.

According to Oriental Daily, a Chinese media platform, Xiao Wang went to such extremes and sold one of kidney to buy iPhone 4 almost seven years ago. Call it Wang’s ill fortune, the decision did not work out the way he would have anticipated. The report states that when iPhone 4 was launched, Wang was only 17 and at that time, the iPhone 4 was described as a “must-have” device in this school. In fact, those who owned one were treated differently and Wang, now 24, decided that he needs to have one as well.

In his quest to own iPhone 4 whatsoever, Wang realized that his family’s financial situation would not allow for him to buy Apple’s shiny new smartphone. He then started looking for ways to procure additional cash needed to buy the iPhone 4 and eventually he was informed about an underground operation where he could sell his kidney for cash.