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Keira Knightley considered quitting acting

Los Angeles: Hollywood star Keira Knightley has revealed that she thought of quitting acting following the overnight success of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The actor said she nearly turned her back on Hollywood after suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In an interview with The Sunday Times’ Style magazine, Knightley was asked if she ever thought about quitting acting, she said, ”I did think about it. Particularly at the point when I had a breakdown. I had PTSD and panic attacks. I literally couldn’t work for a year and I didn’t know whether there would be an end to that.”

“I have a super-solid background and thank f**k for that. My family and my small but very close group of friends just wrapped me up. And I think, without that, it would have been a very different story. I knew I always had somebody there to cuddle me who didn’t want anything from me. Ultimately, I didn’t want them (the media and paparazzi) to win. The only thing I want to do is make films,” she added.