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Kareena Kapoor reveals Taimur has the most fun with her and Saif Ali Khan, says ‘it’s important for him to be with us someplace we are not recognized’

Actor Kareena Kapoor has been maintaining a perfect balance in keeping up with her career and bringing up her son, Taimur. The actor, who recently appeared on the cover of Elle magazine, spoke in an interview about the two-year-old.

Talking about how she and husband Saif balance their time around him, she said, “It’s important for Taimur to have time with Saif and me without us shooting or going to script readings and fittings. It’s important for him to be with his parents someplace we (and he) are not recognized.” She also added, “Taimur has the most fun with Saif and me, and I hope that’s always going to be the case.”

Elle unveiled the cover describing Kareena as “pure gold.”As the actor sizzled in a golden strapless dress, the picture went with the caption, “Star light, star bright. A hit radio show. A film career like no other. Like The Beatles said: It’s getting better all the time. The incomparable Kareena Kapoor Khan is pure gold.”