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Iran’s new president-elect, Ibrahim Raisi, has been banned by the United States for plotting to assassinate him.

Iran: Ibrahim Raisi, a staunch supporter of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and head of the judiciary, won a landslide victory in Saturday’s presidential election.

This seems to be the lowest turnout in the country’s history for the presidency. According to preliminary results, Raisi polled 1.78 crore votes. Abdul Nasir Himmati, the lone liberal, is far behind in this election race.

At the moment, Khamenei has disqualified Raisi’s strongest opponent, leading to a major victory for the chief justice.

Ben planted by the United States

Losing a candidate early in the election is nothing new in Iran’s elections. This is a sign that Raisi has won the carefully controlled vote. Some people have boycotted the elections.

Voting this year is much lower than in the last presidential election of 2017. After the official announcement of Raisi’s victory, he will be the first Iranian president to be banned by the United States before taking office. The ban was imposed on him in 1988 for the mass murder of political prisoners.