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Iran’s Best Friend Uturn to trump a few hours after the show, will on Monday and stringent restrictions

The standoff between the US and Iran continues. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that new major sanctions will be imposed against Iran on Monday. Trump tweeted, “We are going to put a new big ban on Iran from Monday.”
In just a few hours the transit trump was told to Iran, good friend
However, US President Donald Trump had said just hours before that Iran could become ‘best friend’ of Washington if he abandoned nuclear weapons. This statement of President Trump has come after the warning given by Iran.
Talking to reporters outside the White House, Trump said, “We do not want Iran to be a nuclear prosperous nation. The Islamic Republic can become a rich country. We can become good friends. Iran can become a happy country if it abandons its intention to acquire nuclear weapons. I hope this can happen. ‘
Increasing tension between US-Iran, pointing towards big war
The increasing tension between Iran and the US in the Gulf of Persia is pointing to a major war. It was started last year by US President Donald Trump broke the nuclear deal with Iran and later many bans were imposed on this Gulf country. Tension has increased after the recent attack on the oil tankers in Oman Bay.

The US told Iran’s hand in this attack, while Iran denied it. After this, the American spy drone was killed by Iran. Trump ordered an attack on Iran the same day, but within 10 minutes he retreated. But the conditions here are still stressful.

Receiving the order of Trump the American fighter aircraft and warship were activated. Meanwhile Trump asked his advisers how many people would be killed in the attack on Iran. General of the army said that about 150 people will die. After this Trump ordered to stop the attack.

Actually, Iran had killed an American drone on Thursday. Iran claims that this spy drone was in the Iranian airspace, while the US described this claim as a liar. Iran also said that the American aircraft carrying at least 35 people had passed near the Iranian airspace but they did not attack it.

The US has deployed its military and equipment in the Middle East amidst constant tension between the US-Iran tensions for the past few days. After separating itself from the nuclear deal with Iran, Iran has said that it will not talk further about this agreement with the United States. While the United States has reduced its number of diplomatic staff in Iraq, besides this. There are clear indications that the Middle East is now clouding the potential war between the US and Iran.

This tension is dangerous for the whole region. Since Iran is a major export center and oil supply of many countries is dependent on Iran, due to the war, there could be oil crisis all over the world. Not only this, the waterway passes through many countries, so in many countries of the world, important import-export can also be affected.
Which side
Russia, Germany, France, Britain, China, and the European Union currently in favor of Iran, India is neutral
The US is with Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
What do you want from the controversy Trump
US President Donald Trump wants to reconstitute nuclear deal
Trump’s intention is to control Iran’s ballistic missile program
Trump wants to keep Iran away from disputes in Middle East
-American subsidiary Saudi Arabia and UAE oil trade increased
What was the nuclear deal
In 2015, five permanent member countries of the United Russia, Russia, China, Britain, France and the United States and Germany together with Iran had nuclear deal with the name of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCOPA). Under this, Iran had to reduce its nearly nine tonnes of low-fired uranium reserves to 300 kg, so that it could not make an atomic bomb. Instead, European companies continued to invest in oil refineries, medicine and infrastructure sectors in Iran. Iran has the advantage of becoming thousands of employment opportunities and increasing its GDP by 12.3 percent.
US-Iran tension is not new
In 1953, US and British intelligence agencies accused Iran’s Prime Minister Mohamed Mosaddek of the coup
In 1979, Iranian extremists mortgaged 44 American civilians to 52 American citizens in the US Embassy in Tehran.
When the Iraq-Iran war started in 1980, the United States supported Iraq and provided arms to it.
In 1985, under the name of US President Ronald Reagan, Iran’s arms were revealed to Iraq with arms, it is called the Iran Contra Affair
1988 US Navy has launched Operation Praying Mantis against Iran, targeting its oil wells.
Since 2003, America has been continually accusing Iran of making nuclear weapons
In 2006, the US passed the Iran Freedom and Support Act, some politicians from both countries have called it to move towards war
In 2006, US banks banned Iranians, closed direct and indirect financial transactions between the two countries
In 2007, the US raided the Iraqi commerce consulate in Iraq and arrested five employees.
In 2008, US accused Iran of tampering with American ships in the Hormuz reservoir
US claims: Iran has become weak

US President Donald Trump claims that Iran has already weakened by going out of the US and being banned by the nuclear deal and the US does not want to fight with Iran. One of the major reasons for this is ban imports of oil from Iran.

The US has put a stop to pressure Iran to buy oil from Iran. In this case, India had to cooperate with it. The purchase of oil had a negative effect on Iran’s economy and Saudi Arabia benefited from it. Taking advantage of the weak economy of Iran, the United States wants to persuade its conditions.
US anti-Iran sentiment prevails
From the beginning, there is an agenda of the Trump administration that controls Iran. This will increase its influence in the Middle East and Iran’s support for the rebel rebels in Yemen will be stopped. Its direct benefit will be to America’s friend Saudi Arabia.

Anyway, the US has been annoyed by Iran since the Iranian Revolution in 1979. At that time, Americans were held hostage in the US Embassy for about 400 days, this made the anti-Iranian sentiments very strong in the United States.
Making Israel happy
The second Israel lobby is very strong in the US, in order to carefully remove the matter of Palestine, Israel emphasized that Iran’s nuclear weapons are a threat to the whole world. Israeli billionaires make money in US elections, so it was necessary to give Trump a gift to a friend before the US presidential election in 2020. Earlier, in the presidential election of 2016, Israel gave large sums to the Republican Party. The Israel Agenda has been anti-Iran, which became positive for America.
Impact on many countries including India
Although India has made it clear that it will not buy oil from Iran, its picture is not clear how India will fulfill its shortfall. It is decided that if a war broke out in the Persian Gulf, its impact would be on everyone.

Especially in the countries falling here, there can be huge oil shortage. Prices had increased since the tanker attack last week. The US will not suffer from this, because it has stopped taking oil from the Middle East.

Not only this, the US makes oil production more than it needs in its own country. The United States has one year oil reserves, but the rest of the economy of the rest of the country will cause a global crisis.
America wants his person to head Tehran
When Iran became a democratic country in 1953, then the then Prime Minister of the country had nationalized the oil sector of the country. At that time, the US couched there and converted democracy into a monarchy. Iran’s command came in the hands of Mohammad Raza Pahlavi.

Since he was in power with the help of the US, he always supported the United States. But after the 1979 revolution in Iran things changed. Shia-dominated Iran has now become very powerful in the Middle East and becomes a challenge for America.

America wants that there is a coup again and the leader who supports America is sitting on Tehran’s throne. He wants that as well as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, previously living with Turkey, Tehran also leaned toward the United States.