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Iran said: America behaves like a responsible country, will respond to the attack

Iran has warned America against the increased tension in the Gulf country. Iran said that the US will respond to the strikes in the region. Iran’s army said that the conflict started in the region could be uncontrolled and the lives of American soldiers could be in danger. The US warned Iran, do not forget to consider President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel the attack on Iran in the last moment, to understand Iran’s weakness.

Maj Gen Gollam Ali Rashid, the top commander of the Iranian army, has said that Iran will give full answers to any kind of US military action against him. Rashid said that Iran is committed to maintaining its sovereignty, existence and stability of this region against the US, Jewish and Saudi alliances. America should behave like a responsible country and avoid any kind of wrong behavior in this area. We were not neither in favor of war nor if there is an attack on us, then we will protect our interests safely. Tension prevails in the region since the Iranian army has been killed by a powerful American drone. Trump had ordered the attack, but in the last minute, they withdrew it.

US cyberattacks on Iran’s weapons

Army ready for every situation: Bolton
Meanwhile, US National Security Advisor John Bolton warned Iran. He said that do not forget to consider President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel the counter attack on Tehran in the last moment. Bolton said that our army has new energy and it is ready for every situation. Bolton said before a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem that neither nor does Iran nor any other enemy nation forget to understand the American conscience as weakness. He said that no one has given him a license to attack in West Asia.

Iran to take legal action in drone case
Iran has said that it will take legal action against the United States on the issue of infringement of the country’s air sector in the spy drone aircraft case. Iranian President Hassan Rohani administered the Vice President of legal affairs, said that Zioni said that Iran will not tolerate any violation of its air, land and sea area. The US has violated international law by sending its reconnaissance aircraft to Iran’s airspace.

Do not Forget America’s Vivek To Understand ‘Weakness’

America also accused of attack
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security also warned that Iran is accelerating cyber attacks against America. The Department said that people connected to Iran are cyber-attacking in American industries and government agencies. Meanwhile hackers are trying to get the password through destructive attacks. At the same time, the media report says that Iran is also trying to hack the US Navy ship system.

Attack for several weeks will continue
– Media reports are being said that these cyber attacks will continue for several weeks.
– Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp targets cyber attack
– The control of Iran’s missile system is near the Islamic Revolutionary
– America has accused the Revolutionary Guard carp to drop the detective drone
– Iran’s missile system had become inactive after cyber attack
– The intended system of attack was to close for a while

Increased stress after leaving the nuclear deal
Since the exit of the US from Iran’s nuclear deal has increased between the two countries. Iran killed a US drone on Thursday Iran claims that the drone violated its airspace. After the drone strikes, US President Trump had told to attack Iran. Later, he abandoned the idea of ​​the attack and said America would impose major sanctions on Iran next week.