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Iran hangs former staff of defense ministry spying for CIA

State TV of Iran has said that a former employee of the Ministry of Defense has been sentenced to death. He was found guilty of spying for the American Intelligence Agency CIA. The TV report released on Saturday said that Jalal Hajjwar was hanged in a jail near Tehran in the last week.

According to the report, Jalal admitted in court that money was given in exchange for spying for CIA. It has been said in the report that the concerned officials seized the detective equipment from Jalal’s residence. To assist Jalal’s wife in espionage, the court has sentenced him to 15 years in jail.

Do not Forget America’s Vivek To Understand ‘Weakness’

On the other hand, Iran has warned the United States of America against the increased tension in the Gulf country. Iran said that the US will respond to the strikes in the region. Iran’s army said that the conflict started in the region could be uncontrolled and the lives of American soldiers could be in danger. The US warned Iran, do not forget to consider President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel the attack on Iran in the last moment, to understand Iran’s weakness.

Maj Gen Gollam Ali Rashid, the top commander of the Iranian army, has said that Iran will give full answers to any kind of US military action against him. Rashid said that Iran is committed to maintaining its sovereignty, existence and stability of this region against the US, Jewish and Saudi alliances.

America should behave like a responsible country and avoid any kind of wrong behavior in this area. We were not neither in favor of war nor if there is an attack on us, then we will protect our interests safely. Tension prevails in the region since the Iranian army has been killed by a powerful American drone. Trump had ordered the attack, but in the last minute, they withdrew it.