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Indo-US Sumita wins ‘European Inventor Award’

LONDON: Indian-American chemist Sumita Mitra has won the European Inventor Award 2021, one of the most prestigious awards for innovation in Europe. The award was given to him for his work in strengthening teeth using nanotechnology. Their technology is now being used by doctors around the world.

Mitra won the European Inventor Award 2021 in the category of ‘Non-European Patent Office Countries’. The European Patent Office (EPO) said in a statement that the study found that nanoclusters could be used for teeth and resulted in a stronger, more durable and more visually appealing filling. Found material used to fill holes or holes in the middle. It says that the materials they produce will alleviate many of the problems that used to occur when filling teeth.

The statement said that the technology developed by them has been successfully used in the treatment of more than one billion people worldwide. While working in the Oral Care Division of 3M, a US multinational company, Mitra decided to look for an alternative to the existing technology. The commercial use of Mitra’s new technology filler ‘Filtech TM Supreme’ was started by 3M in 2002.