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Indian Rupee to Be Accepted in Dubai Airport’s Duty-Free Shops

In a move that would help scores of Indian travelers to Dubai, Indian currency from now on will be accepted in the duty-free shops at the airports in Dubai.

The Indian rupee will be accepted at three terminals of Dubai International Airport and at Al Maktoum Airport. Earlier, Indian rupee needed to be converted into the dollar, dirham or euro.

The Indian rupee is the 17th currency that is accepted for transaction at Dubai Duty-Free.

The United Arab Emirates is the country that houses the most number of Indians in the world. Also, thousands of Indians arrive there as tourists.

In 2018, Dubai Duty-Free shops had sales worth Rs 13,800 crore ($ 2.015 billion). The shops work for 24 hours and have more than 6000 employees hailing from 47 different countries. An area of 38,000 sqm has been dedicated for sales at Dubai airport.