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Indian Man Detained in Dubai for Molesting 7-Year-Old Minor Girl

An Indian origin man in Dubai has been detained for allegedly molesting a seven-year-old girl, a media report said.

According to the prosecutors, the 36-year-old man, who works as a construction worker, was produced in the court on Tuesday. He allegedly took advantage of the girl, when her mother was away, to touch her inappropriately, the Khaleej Times reported.

The mandenied the molestation charge at the Dubai Court of First Instance.

A complaint was filed at Al Barsha police station following the detainment of defendant. The incident happened in April at a gift store.

The girl’s mother, a Moroccan homemaker, said she was along with her daughter and her younger son at the store on April 17. “As I was busy shopping, my son went to the playing corner and then my daughter went after him. Moments later, she came back looking scared.”

The girl did not tell her mother right away. Afterward, she pointed at the suspect who was standing near them and said that he touched her twice. Her father lodged a complaint as soon as he realized about the incident.

The girl was evaluated by a psychiatrist at the juvenile and family cases section at the public prosecution. A ruling will be pronounced on June 25.